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LUPE FIASCO Valleys Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Pharaoh, pharaoh?

Dollar mission, Mississippi masala getting
Guava Casaba melons, getting a spot at competition
Titties and teeth, so silly of me, no really, it�s free
Aye you can use the phone like a new computer wand
That�s an Ethernet pun, cause dial-up�s all done
When it took twenty minutes just to download one
Aye, you got a fine face, also a dime in your behind
Please can I find some time space to find base
Kinds of rhymes to describe how you�re designed great
And maybe remove the mind free
Like it�s overhead creams at the train yard
That Tom Cruise used in the War of the World's
Before the aliens came part
Remember that, I�m not a fan of the sci-fi
Like dial-up�s not a fan of the wi-fi
I�m in your eyes like little reflective little pools of tie-dye
And it�s 1972 and I�m some long-haired high guy
Driving a Volkswagen Beetle off into the California twilight
I usually got top cause I�m a guy right
But if you�re gay that�s straight too
Hey, I don�t hate, I got a couple of friends who went bi twice
Did that arrive right?
Do you like whole stories or just the highlights
Cause I like to write your life story on the sky
Made of Lite Brights, remember those?
10 years old, let me guess your age
You were a ten, ten years ago
Am I right, who you calling?
Maybe New Orleans
Where your Mother lives with your brother's kids
Because he locked up cause
Of what some other motherfucker did
Love to fib bout the Fibonacci sequence
Do you flicker like Liberace Sequins
Or maybe twinkle like little stars
And tingle like little scars
I run a wrinkle with you like a car hood
And crash test and b-box while we re-rocks
Saul William�s doing the slam set
Then wrap like saran over the pan
Keep the yams fresh, sweet
Five different songs, over five different beats
And this one�s called Valley
I wrote it on the plane in the chair by the galley
On the way to Cali, chicken in the salad
Sounds like a ballad
You loyal, so I�m Khaled
Buy your momma a palace, scratch that
Buy your momma what matters
Data says dollars hotter than two nevadas
Burning hole in the pockets
And in the wallets of all the rappers
Trappers attracting all the yellowbone Instagrammers
But what about us?

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Pharaoh

It burns inside like lactic acid
Exorcise demons, turn them into gods
Turning in the rods for the bags of the catfish
I don�t believe that god is a black man
Spoiled child getting robbed for his black vans
Mars and other stars in the CAT scans
Back when I listened to Killer Priest
Had my mind thicker and bigger than Philip Heaps
Walking around in kufis with sunnis with thicker beads
Remembering the movies my duty was killing beats
Social villain unwilling to live in peace
I told you children I�m willing to live in beast
Streets, this is where Helen and Ellen meet
So you can get lost like Gilligan on the beach
The players getting mad they not kicking it with the freaks
Cause they took away they pussy and given it to the geeks
Like us, paradigm shifter, South Carolina Nine shrine shine giver
But not enough dimes to be a crime line tipper
The difference between nigga , and nigger
Uh, Bernie Sanders need a Nike deal
Then I might consider that, he might be real
If Phil Knight, knight him then I might like him
Until then children, enjoy the white icing on the cake
Cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
Yeah, yeah, pharaoh, height, yeah

What you need a little more? Okay, I�ll give you a little more, I�ll give you a little more a little more
Freestyle off the top, sitting on the stool on the block
Watching for the cops watching for the thots and watching for the shots
I�m watching for a lot, I gotta use my eyes cause they use me
Cause to them I�m like a price, so I say surprises
And they don�t deprive us, I just demises
And nothing ever lies yes, on my premisises
Watched for my demises
Maybe might like them, until then just enjoy the white icing on the cake
Cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake

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