Monday, October 31, 2016

LUPE FIASCO American Terrorist III

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LUPE FIASCO American Terrorist III Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Hello Gorgeous
The phone call�s probably being recorded
Just know that I did it for the four of us
And those mutherfuckers kept ignorin� us
After this I�m going underground
If they come asking give them the run-around
How does Costa Rica in the summer sound?
Couple days then we moving to another town
Yea I know them dreams, seems
Just know that time�ll never come between
Space either, fake features
Things that we reject but connects all us believers
The insurrection�s gone viral
They�ll never stop it now
I hope it all spirals
Outta control, like a dam with a hole
From here on out it�s all about survival
The way we left things they probably think we rivals
But don�t be naive, they hate you more than I do
Remember always speak in opposites, I hate you so much, it�s such a compliment
I know that defies the common sense, but we ain�t never been right: honestness
We never fit in school, and never did rules, but who�d a thought we�d turn out bombing shit

I�m giving you a nightcall to tell you how I feel
I want to drive you through the night down the hills
I�m gonna tell you something don�t want to hear
I�m gonna show you where it�s dark but have no fear

He said he was just so tired, of them fighting our water with fire
He said that we need something drier, to really impress the empire
Funny cause he really hated war, but why we went to war is what he really hated more
Said it�s silly how that our schools make us stupid and our jobs make us poor
When he came back from the Corps, is when he really got serious
Read a lot of books, started acting all mysterious
The VA is what really made him furious, told him his condition didn�t exist, period
That�s why he started that petition, went all the way to Washington, said they didn�t listen to a white male Christian
He just laughed when they took our father�s pension
He said that you gotta act in opposites, helps you hide your tracks when you stand up to the dominant
But I knew he felt bad, told me later was the saddest day he ever had
To see our dad so hopeless, that was the turning point that�s what really gave him focus
I didn�t agree with everything, some of it made sense
But never thought that he would do something like this


I know you don�t watch but your brother was on TV
Couple guys in black suits came around to see me
They went through all your book�s and took all of your CDs
My granny said you�d be all right, she saw it in the tea leaves
All the operations going well, had a lotta contact from all the other cells
Everybody, everywhere is calling you a hero
They going through the rubble, but the body count is zero
It�s all violent and bloodless, I know the government really loves this
This account is hacked, you know how to keep in touch
I�ll never see you again, I hate you so much

There�s something inside you
It�s hard to explain
They�re talking about you boy
But you�re still the same


Sunday, October 30, 2016

LUPE FIASCO American Terrorist II

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LUPE FIASCO American Terrorist II Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Verse 1]
Through the fire, smoke, and broken rubble
Walks the secret life, bullet-proof and bulging muscle
Death-defying, highest flying over trouble
Can you please come and help us out our hopeless struggles
Sympathy is wearing off and dying out
In the face of all these enemies and crying out
Losing all this energy from finding out
The world is filled with ills, ever so close to timing out

Where, are those heroes
Where, are those super-heroes

[Verse 2]
Pondering, that super-villain�s got a point
Told the captain on the roof while they was smoking joints
Flicked the ashes down into the street below
Looked up, said he hate the city now, even though
He swore that he�d protect it when he landed
Their perspective�s now changed, all pretty much abandoned
The captain spray cologne around and said he understand it
It�s getting hard to separate the saints from the satanic


[Verse 3]
Last remarks, they did it to themselves
I killed off heaven, now I live in hell
So complicit and they all non-survival
Told them that they biggest rival is inside you
I do possess the power to revive you
But if I did that, I�d just have to fight you
Cause you truly are the hero and the villain
The world stood froze, hearing a truth so chilling
Reporters start filming, somebody shouted, �Kill him!�
He looked back in disgust and flew up to the ceiling
Busted through the roof and kicked over the building
Before it hit the ground, a younger hero flew around
And put it on his shoulders, said you�re naive now
But believe, you�ll believe me when you�re older
Every asteroid you stop and bomb you fly up into space
You ain�t saving them from danger, you�re keeping danger safe


Saturday, October 29, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Airplanes Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Haley Williams - Hook]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

[Lupe Fiasco - Verse 1]
Wishes that the world could see
From the position of my girl and me
From the perspective of laying on the hood of a car
Looking up at the stars with all the connections cut
Cause when you stuck, advantages vanishes
bandages on the damages of what depression does
So quest it cuz, who are they to question us?
Beating up our ear drums like Question Love
With all of their requests from above
Press from below, only directions to bus
Thus we laying in the cut on the Cutlass supreme
Looking up at the scene
Hoping it doesn�t cut, the fresh and the make up
Get re-fed the lines and reminded of what they mean
The importance of really acting like they important
And if you don�t feel �em you should force �em now�

[Haley Williams - Hook]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

[Lupe Fiasco - Verse 2]
Wishes that mend the broken heart
Fill the open palm, pardon my flow and thoughts
My departure from the norm, the parch thats more warm
walks on from the marching of your armies and the dropping of your bombs
The walking on the waters now stomping on the pond
The ripples now a wave
It can�t be peaceful with a pistol in your face
You can�t beat the people so you picking on they place
I jump to defend I�m wage with a page
My pen�s mightier than them and I got missles on the stage
This couch is for the cowards and stretchers for the brave
And I happily lay upon the bed that I have made
Like house keep, sheets and pillow case
But I don�t sleep, dreams keeping me awake
They went up thinking they would never touch the ground
But we gon wish it �pon �em on the way back down

[Haley Williams - Hook]

Friday, October 28, 2016

LUPE FIASCO $nitches (Snitches)

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LUPE FIASCO $nitches (Snitches) Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
I used to be good
Now I'm a sellout
Fuck yeah

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]
Say she wanna be held like a mink in the winter, no no
She ask me how do I feel, how do I feel, no no
You know snitches get stitches (snitches get snitches)
Ignorance is bliss, can a nigga get a witness?
I'll tell you what
I ain't gotta trick on nothing, no no
I ain't tripping on you, I ain't tripping, I ain't tricking on you
They be tricking on you but I ain't tricking on you
They be snitching telling me all about you
I'm a take my time, that's what a nigga gonna do
I ain't tripping I ain't tricking on you, they be tricking on you
But I ain't tricking on you
They told me all about you, oh no

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
You ain't gotta plan on it
Me sitting on a stand with a bible with a hand on it
They be talking like the man on it
You can play the tape and understand what he saying on it
Niggas sounding like Sam on it, Teflon Don why you sticking to the band homie
From a good fella to a teller
Niggas jumping dimes in the bags in the bands on it
I'm a just land on it
Plant my flag like a moon with a man on it
They be singing to the choir with a wire
But this the eighteen gold chains with the van on it
This the eighteen gold chains with the van on it
Life is a beach with some sand and a tan on it
But it's getting too high
Spread the money out now look like a fan on it


[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Now if you only love me for the money
Then that mean you gon leave if they come and take it from me
Now I ain't saying I ain't Fort Knox
But you never know who be at the do' when the door knock
That's why we keep the door locked
Keep an open mind but I ain't messing with the door stops
God forbid that the dough stop
If the paper wrinkle we can hit it with the Botox
Nigga get fo' shots smelling new money call it their nose jobs
And we been working for it so hard
Best believe we ain't hurting for a blowjob
Why you twerking for it so hard?
Working with them people for some gold y'all
Keep my mind on them gold bars
Crucial crucial crucial go hard


[Bridge: Lupe Fiasco]
Independent women get the all cool
Gold digging bitches get the door foo
Don't misinterpret what you're hearing
I ain't tryna get out, I'm tryna put some years in
And ya gotta lay a foundation
Break it down basic can't play around payin
Niggas ain't saying they ain't makin downpayments
But when they ain't at the station turnin states makin statements


Thursday, October 27, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Pu$$y (RNT) Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco:]
Lord have Murcielagos waiting on the nigga
At the end when the time come
Get the drop on the weed spot
Like there's too much water in the tea pot, huh
Lord have Murcielagos on the poor, nigga, pour, nigga
They adore the event of war
Down force on the doors of adored niggas
Does the Lord like to thank award winners?
And the war winners'll rewards inner
Or the all-enders ain't the pure chemists
So the form in this can be raw in this like the porn business
Keen to king 'til the, 'til the pawn hit us
If he goes, half a million sold, sold the soul, going gold
In the end will it go to the pawn business?
You ain't doing nothing with it
Let a nigga get it for the low-low-low-low
Lames tried to form it, brains couldn't storm it like a Ororo-ro-ro-ro-ro-ro
In the Philippines eating chicken wings, smothered with adobo-dobo-dobo-do
Vatos, fiascos, vocos locos like a cho-lo-lo-lo
Gadget go, go, go, go, go
Ratchet ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
Santa ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
K-Ci, Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo
Brown skin brother in a fed box at the hell lil' nigga live there for months
Except these young, black males wouldn't drive if you give them trucks
Nigga, nigga, nigga what
I don't give a, give a, give a, fuck
With a, with a, with a mind full of money, pockets full of nothing
Niggas gonna feel what a nigga feel
Always been a winner ever since beginner
All the way to the end and never ever been a pussy

[Hook x4 - Billy Blue:]
Pussy nigga, pussy pussy nigga, pussy pussy nigga get fucked
Real nigga, Twitter, what?

[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco:]
Lord, please keep these diablo niggas off a nigga mind
Lord, please keep these diablo niggas off a nigga spine
Lord, please keep me Fiasco outta rest of these nigga lie
These nigga lie, these nigga lie, these nigga lie, these nigga lie
Lord, please forgive me for the sinning
Sinning please forgive me for the snitching to the Lord
Openin' for businesses to the ribbon niggas wanting to get in, open up the doors
Son wanna feel 'em, open up the ceiling
Niggas start tripping, open up the floor
Trap like Indiana Jones looking for a map
That I sketched on the back on one of my raps under my hat
Coffin is the cousin to the bed that's under my back
Dream so real niggas die taking one of my naps
Mattress full of money, monster under that sheets full of raps
Comfort for the weak, sleep for the whack
Party while you slumber, tell 'em money coming, jump in my sack
Niggas wanna exercise, exercise I-X-I ain't no jumpin' my jack
If I lift an arm I'mma lift a car, nigga, that's a gun in my lap
Hurdle to the tire, chariots of fire
I'm a flyer, take you under my flap
Is he going nuts? Is he going bolts?
No, going both running my track
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga what
I just figure, figure, figure you gon' be a nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga what
And since niggas is faster than them white folks on the tracks
White folks tightrope, like both, I could be a sprintin' nigga
Nik Wallenda, runnin' over rap
I higher, higher wire, you a wire on a power pad running over that
Running over that, running over that, running over that, running over that
Five time winner, five-nine, fine line thinner
Einstein mind, mind bender
Fine dine, nine, wine, find cocaine in my mind's antenna


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Mazinger Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

I had to complete Mazinger Z. I had to, I had to
Why did you have to Grandfather?
To wreck all of Dr Hell's evil plans.
Mazinger Z is clad in ultra alloy Z and is operated by photo atomic energy.
It contains mighty weapons of all kinds.
That robot is perfect. There is nothing to correct or adjust.
Koji, Shiro, that robot is all yours.
My only regret is that I cannot stay alive to watch you boys operate that robot.
With Mazinger Z you can either become a God or a Devil.
You'll be known as a super being. Now go!

Sinister times, pacific the rims so I live in the mind
Sit in the head of the shit I design
Position it bent so I sit in recline
But never I sleep
Tears out the eyes is the weather I weep
Give cheddar to beggars to better my keep
Don't turn a back and never a cheek
Won't be here forever, we sever, we cease
A liar who said that we never release
Nooses surroundin' the neck of the beast
Loosing they pounds on the treasure beneath
200 pounds under pressure decrease
Reducing the sound to a set of beliefs
Devil's a trick like they sent the police
Is it or nah's (Nas) like wedded Kelis
So not the same like a Jet and a Jeep
One in the clouds, the other up under him running around
Unlike the one never touching the ground
Some like the one cause it doesn't come down
Unlike the oven that's under the town
Liquor the fire they jump in and drown
Wait till they die it's for something profound
Head is so dreaded for clutching the crown
And keeping it standing when jumping around
Feeding the animals, touching the hounds
Eating with cannibals, lunch in the lounge
Keeping it manual, clutch in announced
Eating the actual, reaping the benefits
Repeat the annual, bleeping the fouls
Something about (something about)
Reaching the valuable, touching the down

[Hook - PJ:]
You came by yourself my darling
But you know we're not alone
Oh get yourself in order
Before they're calling you home
It could be wonderful
So tell me what is it you're waiting for?
No don't you go too far
Cause soon they'll be calling you home
They calling you home

(Either become a God or a Devil)
(Either be-, either become a God or a Devil)
Yeah you know they calling home
(God or a Devil, either be-, either become a God or a Devil)
Yeah you know they calling home

Lovin' the Lord
Covet the lovers of governor or
Dozen in love with the covets or more
In concerts with converts-who-cover galore
Wash off they feet and then cover the floor
Mother the ships so come hover aboard
To raptures and ruptures start flooding the shore
Pushing and shoving and punching with oars
Thuggin' and judging, no plugging the holes
Sink to the bottom like sex in the kitchen, no food in the fridge but it's nut on the stove
It's what on the what?
Like Monica sucking and bust right on her clothes
Dishonouring Monica what is it for?
Monitor Monica, what does she know?
Finding the evidence, answering the questions
Did you and the president fuck on the low?
Room full of elephants, elegant elements, breaking it down she touching her toe
Triple A coming to give her a jump and her engine construction don't function no more
It's killing her options to live in a box when they filling their stockings with lumps of the coal
Finding the diamonds with dynamite, fighting the fire is hiding while wiping the pole
Sliding off slightly to siphon the go
She biting her neck like she vampire-like, ain't no lighten her load
With the tide and a bleach at the laundromat black trying to whiten her clothes
So maybe she can sneak into heaven, hmm yeah


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Lilies Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Come, and bring the pieces to the master
He who organize by size then completes them with the plaster
Now, what should we call it?
After the 12 cocktails prevails the inner alcoholic
Who knelt you by the toilets?
Remember, remember? Just like the Knights of Malta
Niggas like their liquor malted, manifested like a land without the Indian
Just all kith and foul kin
Whether Maltese or Millennium
Saucer, Chaucer of the airwaves
Too assist once a nigga leaves, but her hair beige
The other's hair shaved
Both standin' at the bottom of the staircase poised
But boys too coy to look in their face
Oy bring the dabber, you can have 'em
On annual sabbatical, lookin' lousy in the cabin
Groomin's only prudent to continue working with humans
But ain't no livin' signals inside my circle of students
Huh, huh

[Hook - Sirah:]
Lilies in the valley of my heart
Lay you on your back and fall apart
Lately I been looking at the sparks
It got my mind going back to Cali after dark
I got a problem with commitment I'd say
Laying here waiting on waves
To wash away the palisades
Buried as a barricade
Put the lily in the valley of my heart

Leave, and take these pictures to the pawn shop
Tell 'em you want the same amount of money that the one got
Pull up on the side of his Ghost and let the Dijion drop
If they muster up the courage to murk us at the Quran swaps
For the ones that tell you how to orchestrate the bomb plots
Taught you well on how to tell the impostors
Made an inner city Mosque in Mississippi, Madrassas
Much like differences in instances, itty-bitty is topless
That was food for the fingers
Dim the lights to set the mood for the singers
Who can turn the stage into a school for the redeemers
Like an agent teaching Afghans to use the tool with the stingers
Useful as a back tire to a flat tire
A bazooka's your best friend until it backfires
Your strata needs a bunk bed ladder to climb up
And high hopes will put this whole matter behind us


Still, debunking the myth of a sleepover
As the enola sneaks over
The seat thinking ricolas fixes Ebola
Hol' up, heathens and thieves, in case police show up
Out the belly of the beast, making the streets blow up
Blowing in her hands, making the heat hold her us in streaks
All my skills on the hilltop, you can hear a quill drop
Spoon full of sugar help the pill pop
Let us Tetris, little blocks until the bill clots
And then fill spots and make the field drop
Levels, wearing the barren's medals
Otherwise bare expect for a pair of petals
Somethin' like a bear except he's wearing a pareo
Fair safe haven to take your share of De Niro
In his care, might square to a pair of you share hold
Heavily invested to bury every [?] now


Monday, October 24, 2016

LUPE FIASCO Haile Selassie

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LUPE FIASCO Haile Selassie Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Hook - Nikki Jean:]
Haile Selassie
High as the eye of an osprey
I'm driving
Poseidon you tried to stop me, from diving
Lookin' for my
Lookin' for my
Lookin' for my
As I float
Brand new shell for my goals
Tattoos all on my coast

Throughout history
It has been the inaction of those who could have acted
The indifference of those who should have known better
The silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most
This, has made it possible for evil to triumph

Man's limitation, transfiguration
I can dance done at the welcome to the demo
Modern man comes to the weddin' in the limo
Mixin' doves with the rice rain
Uncle Ben's off the rails on the night train
And that storm took us to the platform, pushas
Back to the bachelor's backdoor, unhook us
Hope this track take you back to where the fat girl pushed us
And that's very old like Blackberry Bold but the Juice
Sweeter than where the party at, or
Releasing these niggas from the roofs, and
Leavin' these niggas on the loose, or
Keepin' these niggas in the coupes, and
Leavin' these niggas on the noose,
Free!... Shamu fan, got a world to see!


Then until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
That until the color of the man's skin
Is no more significant than the color of his eyes

To the limit
The limit in the Methadone clinic
Ridin' with the pack like a Pelitan
Flyin' with the sack in the trap like the pregnant
As it breaks in the backs from the cracks that we step upon
If I triple my worth, will it cripple my mom?
If I simple my search, will it mental my calm?
Will it hurt if I give you my palm?
To tell in it and don't put a nail in it
How you gonna see the world if you wailin'
And readin' my palms like there's braille in it
Is it the trail or the forest?
Or the forest with the trail in it?
That's a sail with a 12 in it
Water coming through from impalin' it
Nothin' left of the boat but my holes
Still I fill up the world and I float, like


A qualified man with vision
Unmoved by daily selfish interests
Led to right decisions by his conscience
In general, a man who knows from whence he comes
And where he's going
Will cooperate with his fellow human beings
He will not be satisfied with merely doing his ordinary duties
But will inspire others by his good example
You are being watched by the nation
And you should realize
That you, will satisfy it if you do good
But on the contrary, you do evil, it will lose it's hope and confidence in you

H-h-h-hydrant open wide
On the side of the colonized
Swimmin' in the street, fell asleep on my mama thighs
Blockin' out the noise that destroys lil' boys
Live enjoy, ships ahoy, get deployed by the rock-a-byes
D-d-d-deep into the sea of my dreams
Lyin' fall asleep at the feet of my queen
Hawk comin' right to the beat of your wings
Song for the Ethiopian King

[Hook x2]

Sunday, October 23, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Schemes Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

(Uncle Lupe)
Alright it's time to go to sleep
(Hey Uncle Lupe)
(Can you please tell us a bedtime story?)
Ugh, it's late man
Okay, okay okay, check this out, listen

Cold killer, bold old gorilla
Bold as a font with the thickness
Old as yellow gold in a Chevrolet with a stick shift
The story goes his mother left him on a church step
First step was out the front door then the first left
Down the block to the spots where the worst kept
Thirty years later got a thirty tier caper
To shoot up the scene and scheme
Plot, broken all down to two rounds of scotch
A pound means now and we too down to stop
Say ya got enough round for two thousand cops
Military grade, these things shoot round the block
Shh threat, check
The dame will hang out like chains round the neck
He ever seen her before, her face don't connect
No, so keep it on the low, go
Seizes her by the arm
Looks right into the eyes cause these be the charms
Sheba, King Tut suite at the Khalifa
Tied to a chair getting burned by cohibas
A well dressed thug who run clubs in the Koreas
The room smells like fresh hand made tortillas
He recognized the tattoos of a real big Maui brother
Known for bad news when his cash rules
Are you familiar with the shell of the cashews?
As he holds the needle up to the light bulb
White girls into drunk, he stands up runs to the window and jumps

Aim for the pool... splash
The impact from that almost split him in half
Voice from the past asks did he enjoy the bath
Laughs with his arm in a cast, hold up

Never what it seems, everybody wanna be seen
On the cover of a magazine
Everybody want big things
Everybody want big dreams
Everybody want bling bling
Everybody wanna be the king
Everybody bling
Everybody sings
Everybody wanna big thing
In the valley of kings and pyramid schemes
It's never what it seems, everybody wanna be seen
On the cover of a magazine
Everybody wanna sip lean
Everybody want a big dreams
Everybody want bling bling
Everybody want C.R.E.A.M
Everybody wanna have a team
Everybody wanna be the king
Everybody want a big scheme in the land of pyramid schemes

As he tried to do the math with Smearcon the fed
The contract states from here upon your dead
The girl at the bar is an underworld star
Settling on debts with north Zanzibar
Your names on the list, kitsch
A hundred million dollars worth of high grade fish
Tuna, Tokyo cartels worlds biggest consumer
A rumor bout a schooner off the coast of Montezuma
They say you slit the throat of a well known kahuna
Then torched the boat and fled into the Dunya
You�re hated more than a Kalua pig at a Jumu'ah
They want your head on a platter, not right now but sooner
I got you a .45 and a Mitsubishi tuner
Wait, wait I've never been to Costa Rica
And then it all comes back
Just as Smearcon falls with a ninja star in his head like
Then they slowly enter the room
I grabbed a .45, the ninja stars resume
I catch him in the cast and answer them with a blast, blow
Three more shots for good measure
Only exit is another window, pfft whatever
Short fall to the roof of the car
Then I get in, left arm covered in ninja stars
Then a zero to a hundred baby real quick
Look around the car for something else to kill with
Lamborghini headlights in the rear view
These Parisian streets not meant to veer through
Especially with just one hand
I let go to shoot back but the gun jams
Mitsubishi not built to outrun Lambs
So they gaining, heavy raining
Rear view explodes from deadly aiming
Arm paining, blood draining
Pains, head for the Louvre
Drive right through the glass pyramid with dope moves
A little shook from the landing
Driving through the Louvre in a rally car with great handling
Was at the Mona Lisa
Stop the car right in front of the dealer have a breather
Press play on the radio, voice from the speaker
Says get to Belgrade and take an ad out in the daily Politika
They says for a good time call this Ecuador slash Venezuelan chica
Next day at the airport meeted by a greeter who looks Corsican but Greeker
A little older wearing Michael Jordan sneakers
But I follow the leader
1995 S Class, in the back seat is a dead man who's car I just crashed
Smearcon's alive, audience now wonders how Smearcon survived
Let alone not be hurt, he taps a metal plate in his head from his Afghanistan work
What Visine for red retinas, what else would you expect from head predators
Ex-lecturer, at Exeter, the dean too secular
So now I'm totes hecklers, everywhere
Now Smearcon's on the team, so everybody's down for the scheme

(The final chapter in the incredible [?] saga)
(Smearcon's back!)

Now it's time to finish this, getting too late for international syndicates
To which the driver reveals his membership
This won't end well, he pulls out a grenade and says
(Damn you all to hell!)

(Wait, what happened? Uncle Lupe what's going on?)
Go to sleep
(But what happened? I don't understand)
(Please finish the story please)
Storytime's over
You asked for a story I gave you one
Take it, just take it
(This is the worst bedtime story ever)

Psych sucker, Smearcon is back
You really think that he would go out like that?
They're under attack, MAC under the back...

I'm just playing, it's really over
Its the end of the tape
Thank y'all man
Pharaoh Height two thirty
Shout to DJ BUSY
You know how we do
Hope you all enjoyed it man
Scott what up
What you thought I couldn't do this no more, huh?
Man listen, lets let this play out
Bogglin' Giblets

Saturday, October 22, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Kings Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

As I proceed to go dig through an old crib
Hold kids as I blunder through a pharaoh house
Thug Bones in guild did the parrow piss
But arrow heads then let the marrow out
I literally won't leave lettuce since I've received the brita
And when the sea leaves the land, who will feed the rivers, huh?
Crazy busy, make me, make me miss ya even when I'm with ya
If a phone calls in the club, but the music is too loud around to hear it
Do I still have to clear it?
Example: now I don�t list samples in my lyrics
Myth be told, 60 souls perished in the perish bill
Rode a pair of wheels on 50 scrolls with a pair of quills
Answered the question Americas, Amerikills
Been living inside envelopes with a pair of sills
Tall man like [?] downfall from a pair of stilts wearin' heels, that's high
As I proceed to find silver lining, it's stalagmite
Cat eyes and scarab crowns on a black grace
Two wave, not to see bubonic plague on your rat face
Practice on the uttering till it lactates
Then begin the butterin' of the pancakes
Push it to the margin flood the garden to the land lakes
Associate with mates who spit inside of they handshakes, yeah

As I walk through the shadow of San Fernando Valley
Walkin' like fingers how, how they rally on pianos
Up and down the dials I WKRP, in Cincinnati
Let's settle on the station like Last gas for 100 miles
May I have this last dance?
Grab her hands then proceed to do the runnin' child
Vindaloo the stomach growls, introduced to somethin' wild
Until we see civilization, Walmarts and Chik-a-falashios
Patients, our art isn't intimidation
But you can't process the progress
If you get your style ques from outta Complex
Nah nigga, that ain't hot
No, no and no shots, no boas and no thots
I walk 'em over to motorboat on the yachts
To go so sober on all the shirk and on overdose on salats, haann
Francis Ford Coppola�s broken plots
Hyannis Port localists rollin' in open drops
Titanic corpse smokin' from openin' dose with chops
Like Cannock moonlit leader loakin' with loaded Glocks, haaaan!

Friday, October 21, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Of Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Young peerer over Dilla
Behind the mic like the will of a vehicular killer
The threading, put it together like a three minutes to wedding
In less than three minutes of meddling, over melody and grand pian peddlings
I do represent the mind like IQs, intelligent signs in our kind�s a haiku
Cobra kai turn high top fade to Caillou, who inspect a man stance and fight the kaiju
Way beyond a hundred kicks, breaking bottom bricks and he on number six
This is that �there should be a name for it�
Hideo should go and make a game for it
Mama should make you change for it
Kinda rap that sends jaguars running back into the rain forest
Plans over panic, when Superman scans deadpan over planets
Make the fat man hand over the ham jam and lamb and Spam sandwich
A face black eyes and hand-to-hand damage
Make �em believe you can manage to have swam the span famine
Sesame the bird big, and the master plan mammoth

Thursday, October 20, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Valleys Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Pharaoh, pharaoh?

Dollar mission, Mississippi masala getting
Guava Casaba melons, getting a spot at competition
Titties and teeth, so silly of me, no really, it�s free
Aye you can use the phone like a new computer wand
That�s an Ethernet pun, cause dial-up�s all done
When it took twenty minutes just to download one
Aye, you got a fine face, also a dime in your behind
Please can I find some time space to find base
Kinds of rhymes to describe how you�re designed great
And maybe remove the mind free
Like it�s overhead creams at the train yard
That Tom Cruise used in the War of the World's
Before the aliens came part
Remember that, I�m not a fan of the sci-fi
Like dial-up�s not a fan of the wi-fi
I�m in your eyes like little reflective little pools of tie-dye
And it�s 1972 and I�m some long-haired high guy
Driving a Volkswagen Beetle off into the California twilight
I usually got top cause I�m a guy right
But if you�re gay that�s straight too
Hey, I don�t hate, I got a couple of friends who went bi twice
Did that arrive right?
Do you like whole stories or just the highlights
Cause I like to write your life story on the sky
Made of Lite Brights, remember those?
10 years old, let me guess your age
You were a ten, ten years ago
Am I right, who you calling?
Maybe New Orleans
Where your Mother lives with your brother's kids
Because he locked up cause
Of what some other motherfucker did
Love to fib bout the Fibonacci sequence
Do you flicker like Liberace Sequins
Or maybe twinkle like little stars
And tingle like little scars
I run a wrinkle with you like a car hood
And crash test and b-box while we re-rocks
Saul William�s doing the slam set
Then wrap like saran over the pan
Keep the yams fresh, sweet
Five different songs, over five different beats
And this one�s called Valley
I wrote it on the plane in the chair by the galley
On the way to Cali, chicken in the salad
Sounds like a ballad
You loyal, so I�m Khaled
Buy your momma a palace, scratch that
Buy your momma what matters
Data says dollars hotter than two nevadas
Burning hole in the pockets
And in the wallets of all the rappers
Trappers attracting all the yellowbone Instagrammers
But what about us?

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Pharaoh

It burns inside like lactic acid
Exorcise demons, turn them into gods
Turning in the rods for the bags of the catfish
I don�t believe that god is a black man
Spoiled child getting robbed for his black vans
Mars and other stars in the CAT scans
Back when I listened to Killer Priest
Had my mind thicker and bigger than Philip Heaps
Walking around in kufis with sunnis with thicker beads
Remembering the movies my duty was killing beats
Social villain unwilling to live in peace
I told you children I�m willing to live in beast
Streets, this is where Helen and Ellen meet
So you can get lost like Gilligan on the beach
The players getting mad they not kicking it with the freaks
Cause they took away they pussy and given it to the geeks
Like us, paradigm shifter, South Carolina Nine shrine shine giver
But not enough dimes to be a crime line tipper
The difference between nigga , and nigger
Uh, Bernie Sanders need a Nike deal
Then I might consider that, he might be real
If Phil Knight, knight him then I might like him
Until then children, enjoy the white icing on the cake
Cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
On the cake, cake, cake, cake
Yeah, yeah, pharaoh, height, yeah

What you need a little more? Okay, I�ll give you a little more, I�ll give you a little more a little more
Freestyle off the top, sitting on the stool on the block
Watching for the cops watching for the thots and watching for the shots
I�m watching for a lot, I gotta use my eyes cause they use me
Cause to them I�m like a price, so I say surprises
And they don�t deprive us, I just demises
And nothing ever lies yes, on my premisises
Watched for my demises
Maybe might like them, until then just enjoy the white icing on the cake
Cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake
The cake, cake, cake, cake
Ameri- the cake, cake, cake, cake

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO In Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

I was born in a small village
I was still a child when we were raided by soldiers
Foreign soldiers
Torn from my elders, I was made to speak their language
With each new post, my masters changed
Along with the words they made me speak
With each change, I changed too
My thoughts, personality, how I saw right and wrong
Words can kill
Time and again, the country was ruled by a foreign tongue
When he was young boy, he lost his native language
The bedrock for any developing child
His country, his family, his face, his identity
Everything was stolen from him

Meet me on the corner, I be waiting on you
Thousand years of better right into forever
Fire on my feathers, far from out of heaven
Fight without a weapon, life without a lesson
Lost, I'm my own boss, pay my own cost
Fill my own goals, see my own hopes
Tired of all of this, wish I had a switch
One kiss then you cut me off
Knowledge is the power, college is for cowards
Hollering for hours, swallowing the sour
Skin stuck around the rims, peeking in on a life so sweet
The other side made it, why don't we?

From ancient times, every civilization's ruler has had the same idea.
When people unite under one will, they become stronger than the sum of their parts and what do rulers use to bring people together?
Language. This world will become one, I have found the way.
Race, tribal affiliations, national borders - even our faces will be irrelevant.
The world that the boss envisioned will finally become a reality and it will make mankind whole again

Found a friend in the words and my words and it works
Take away the pain, take away the hurt
Make a way to make a change, make it sane
Specially if you plan on staying on this Earth
Low to the lows, high to the highs
Eyes to the sky, strive to revive, dying to survive
Pool full of cries but it's cool, I'm still alive
And every breath is every left soul
And the family never kept whole
In the slum, want to quest to be the best of being less
Never let go, the best road to the next level
And the scenes where it's mean to do the right thing
Not to be a good king but the best devil
So it's horns for the crown, torn from the ground
Roses by the roots stolen from the roofs on parade days
Look at them rain down
I was brought here a slave
But I leave here a pharaoh

America is a country of liberty, a meeting of immigrants
Instead of simply assimilating, its citizens live alongside others
So the major sought a system that used information
Words to control the subconscious
In his eyes, the greatest symbiotic parasite the world's ever known isn't microbial - it's linguistic
Words is what keep civilization, our world, alive

If you are what you say you are, the coolest
Won't you just shine down?
You are what you say you are, the coolest
Won't you just shine down?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LUPE FIASCO They.Resurrect.Over.New

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LUPE FIASCO They.Resurrect.Over.New Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Dark matter with the sparks scattered up above
Velvet hands in the upper glove, touch
Like bad double dutch
And two Amsterdam's ain't enough, d.r.u.g.s
Don't ruin us, God said , #DROGAS
Too much pride we electric slide, we should be closer
Like soda, nothin' changed but a chola
I see the sun then the clouds then the vultures
Pay respects in my sensei's sculpture
High as the angel on the Dikembe's shoulder
Eyes looking like MKUltra
We deck the vision through these dark shades
Bad dreams through the screens of an arcade
Hangin' on the joy like the residues of heartbreak
Park full of art, arteries full of parquet
'Bedient like new games, easily defeating
Or two gangs meeting for the evening
Or two feet on a Riesling, slow wind
Meditate to the slow mind
Decorate me with shine till I go blind
BDSM dominated it with no bind
Safe word is don't stop, both or don't go no times

Proceed to the next level
Proceed to the next level

Coolest, tulips, flowers, fall from the towers
Like galls from Galileo to lay low
Ignorance that the world isn't ours, the God
Give them all showers
Toni found the fountain of youth, in the mountain of power
To only find truth in the fountain, drowning in power
Surrounded with dollars
The moon surrounds us like spoons moving chowder
Cut, that's a mis-direct to stir the soul with dis-effect
Names don't last like Mr. X
Unless you Galilee dropping bowling balls on the discotheque
With a disco ball hanging 'round your neck
Dance, it's a new year
Every time I open my hands
Thoughts moving circles and the thoughts universal
Yokozuna's don't throw salt in a circle
Sumo you up off off your turf boy
Tsunami you up off your surfboard
[?] Medusa in the go
'Fore Versace turned words into turquoise
Medusa turned coke into stone
With a hand on her thigh, she looked me in the eye and said
Proceed to the next level

[Hook - Troi:]
Sounds so far, seems so much
I cannot settle for good enough
So I'll sweat and I'll climb until I reach my prime
(Proceed to the next level)
The forces rise and fall again
Throw it up, will I reach the end
In my eyes, there's a fire and it takes me high

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll be among the stars (space)
Backstroke in my pool of thought but don't mind the sharks (wavy)
Ab-solar system intergalactic soldier
Lupe say I'ma stoner, I say that I'm much bolder
Trapped in a game where the trap is the game
Scope this horror, aquarius's make it rain here
No love for your honor, only God can judge us
If you're Islamic, Allah, I've had enough to my collar
With these niggas castin' stones like this Mancala
Proceed to the next level, dig that with a platinum shovel
Black magic, matter of fact, if matter is fact
A matter factory is in the making perhaps
Uh, erase your database
We race against time, no time to set a date
Tattuo and youth induced
Too cool for school, unloose the noose and


Next level, next floor
I'm ready for it
I've been waiting all my life
Tron, Tron
We're going up, we're going up
Next level, next floor

Monday, October 17, 2016

LUPE FIASCO Adoration Of The Magi

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LUPE FIASCO Adoration Of The Magi Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

You're so smart
You're like, a contemporary museum of art
That farts, that's harsh
Narcissism, on narcotics
On sharp objects in large pockets
At dark, you ain't gotta hide it
Keep it, metal gear solid
Lead the leaders, that's how you file it
Then clobber it
Low on energy, find peach cobbler then gobble it
Yeah, it's food in them drums and boxes
If you beat 'em up then they'll drop it
And they'll rapidly flicker till they disappear
Blinking gradually quickens till they isn't here
And that's da da da da da da da...
Just to be back in
Reincarnated, exact twin
Exact ten, exact twelve
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...
Exact self
Do I really gotta say it?
Didn't we all play it?
Dojo, Abobo
Overshore the throat, polo
Billy, Jimmy
Even on the low low

Why you ready to die? You just a baby
Why them tears up under your eyes? You just a baby
Keep your head up in the sky, you just a baby
Quit chasing money, never mind, you just a baby
(These Maji adore you) [x2]
Why you wanna be born again? You just a baby
Why you playing in the streets? You just a baby

Now let's vogue, Martin pose
Downward facing dog, warrior pose
Tree pose, bridge pose
Triangle pose, seated twist (pose, pose)
Upward facing dog (pose, pose)
Pigeon pose
In this bitch, that's vulgar, that's yoga
Let's try it again with clothes
And closer, enclosure, exposures
Quiet is kept like Rosicrucian meet koza nostras on Oprah's sofa
With both controllers
Watchin' Gazans and ashkenazis ride roller coasters
Say yeah
Yeah, lots of options, now up is down, two player
Now A is jump and B is punch
You seein' somethin' that weren't there
To find friendliness in a nemesis, it's a old test
3 buttons, see somethin'
That's emphasis on genesis


Can't be eyes closed when you side scroll
You not the first person
The first person from your first cursin'
To your first cursive
And your curse words is in the curve version
It occurs virgin is the word version
That refers perfect to the first person
In the third verse, who's really me
In the third person but prefers the first one, that's me
Master cleanse and a syringe
From a gerber until your first burger
Pamper to her depends
Everything between is just drawers
Even in between is no loss
Even where the king is no boss
Meet it with a swing it's so south
Unless you Bamm Bamm
Knocking them pitches into the grand stands
In the club, watching the women just do them hand stands
Like you a man's man
That's washing down a ham with the Zam Zam
Who got a baby in here with these strippers?
She's two weeks pregnant
Didn't even know, he's dancing with her, damn...


Sunday, October 16, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Madonna Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Intro - Lupe Fiasco:]
Immaculate mother of the holy soul
On behalf of the overdose
We come to you uncomfortable in our ways
Please don't slam the door all in my face

[Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco:]
Tried to go to church, church ain't work
Still want to kill niggas
Tried to go work, but work ain't work
Work ain't work for the feel nigga
Really make me feel like a field nigga
Make me feel worse, really tryna' chill
But inside I feel like a steel mill, nigga
And it's hard when these niggas steal mama
What, when you and God gotta mill still mama
Living off a meal deal mama
Can't stunt with them lil wheels mama
Need a real purse real heels mama
How dem liquors and them pills feel mama, lil mama

[Bridge 1 - Nikki Jean:]
No man shall prosper
Lord knows if I said it, it's gospel, lil mama
No man shall prosper
Lord knows if I said it, it's gospel, your momma

[Hook - Nikki Jean Lupe Fiasco:]
No man shall touch this
Lord said nobody can fuck with, your momma

[Bridge 2 - Lupe Fiasco:]
I be just trying make it [x4]
They be just trying break us [x4]

[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco:]
White T on they shoulders
What drags em off through the streets
In the whip wit' they soldiers
Stations of the police
Trying to stick all this time to me
Trying to stick all these crimes to me
Could you just send a dime to me
Mama please send a sign to me
What's looking like life?
Is probation and a fine to me
Lawyer said I'd be alright
But I think that he lying to me
They really wanna throw those lines to me
Put me in a line, put the knives to me
Put me in the sky, put it to my side
Then push it inside of me

[Bridge 3 - Lupe Fiasco:]
Holy mother of the blessed soul
They don't love you there
They love you here
I love you like I'm Mexico
Say: (Santa Maria, Madre de Dios
Ruega por nosotros pecadores
Ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Lupe Fiasco:]
They sent them all to the slaughter
Baby mama, no father
He was hanging round them murderers
And them prostitutes and them robbers, yeah
Them dope fiends and that water, yeah
Wit' angel dust in they nostrils, yeah
They hit em up wit' that chopper
She was holdin' him, in her hands
Just like Stigmata, yeah
Said you gon' live here forever
Salvation and treasure
You gon' live here forever, yeah
Died like Ricky on his mama couch
Right there in his mama house
Only child, the holy mama's your mama now

[Hook x2]

[Outro - Lupe Fiasco (x2):]
Mama said my son never been no killer
Mama said my son never been no gangster
No drug dealer, no gang member
Mama said my son never been no trouble
Mama said my son never been no trouble

Saturday, October 15, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Deliver Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Thirty somethin' shots from the ghetto gun
All in the ears of the ghetto young
Some ghetto girls, some ghetto sons
Throwing rocks at the bus and other ghetto fun
I always wondered where the ghetto from
Cause I'm from the ghetto, the never ghetto come
But you win if the bell of my ghetto rung
But if the ghetto lose, that mean a ghetto won
That's how they do the ghetto, that's how the ghetto done
They keep it, they never bring the ghetto none
We make the ghetto tick, we make the ghetto run
We make the ghetto sick, we make the ghetto dumb
These niggas off that ghetto beer and that ghetto rum
And that ghetto bass with my ghetto drums
And my ghetto words and these ghetto problems
Get ghetto sums
That's why...

The pizza man don't come here no more
Too much dope
Too many niggas on the porch
So the pizza man don't approach (no, no, no)
Pizza man don't come here no more
Too many niggas on the block
Too many niggas gettin shot
So the pizza man don't stop (pow, pow, pow)
The pizza man don't come here no more
Too many niggas gettin robbed
Niggas don't wanna starve but
Niggas ain't got no jobs, blah blah blah
The pizza man don't come here no more
Deliver, deliver, deliver

Is it cause they're selling nicks out there all day
Cause a prostitute sucking dick in the hallway
Little Caesar's never sendin' pizza out ya'll way
Papa Johns never get delivered where y'all stayed
The Ghetto was a physical manifestation of hate
And a place where ethnicity determines your placement
A place that defines your station
Remind you niggas your place is the basement
White people in the attic
Niggas selling dope, White people is the addicts
White folks act like they ain't show us how to traffic
All that dope to China, you don't call that trappin'?
Breaking Bad, learned that from a TV
So don't say its politics when you see me
When you gon' apologize for your CD
Nigga that don't match red and black to a GD


Can I get delivered from the sin and get a little slice of Heaven I can enter in again
Or maybe just imagine that I'm livin in a mansion or a palace and my pizza gets delivered in a Benz
Make a savior out of savage like they made it out of magic
So it take a nigga havoc and it make it into friends
You don't even need a salad, it don't make a nigga fatter
Actually take a nigga backwards and make a nigga thin
That's a deep dish
Chicago style get the peace stick
Homerunner hitter, I be drillin' on the weak pitch
Pay into the plate then I put it in your face
I'm a man, never bitin' on the hands that I eat with
No Giordano or Di Giorno
Homemade bull, they bring it to him like a toro
Throwing dough up in the air-bottom to the top and shredder full of cheese smarter than a purple ninja turtle


Friday, October 14, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Chopper Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

And now Ladies Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

[Hook - Lupe Fiasco x2:]
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for a chopper

Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Background check for a chopper
Medical card from Obama
Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper

[Glasses Malone:]
I got my chopper full and my black tee, slide
My baby mama done fucked up on her food stamps
That�s three muscles recertified
I�m right, niggas be watching, they don�t want these problems
When them bills due, niggas get ready cause no bullshit I�m buyin�
I�m a government baby, let me get my cheese, let me get my cheese
Got a Chevy trailer in my mama yard, sittin� on E�s
I�m bout this fee, I�m bout this fee
Just know what�s free
You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth so don�t critique
Look at me nigga, just a young hood nigga tryna get this cake
I don�t need to be givin� out how school gon� educate
Filet mignon for my food stamps I know mama credit quite good
So I�m out here with this dope money got a big body in my hood
Nigga you see it, better believe it, this what I�m bout
Got a trap house I be boomin� in, fiends in and out
Cut the J anyway it come nigga, section 8
See we straight, how much money I make
This block [?]

[Buk of Psychodrama:]
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Would tell you don�t really want be the truth
Let me hit you back on my government phone
Still a hood nigga, whatcha want me to do?
We get a blunt and a joint out of [?]
Where I�m from we be actually hoopin� in Jordans
Five dollar white t-shirts and them loose cigarettes
Ain�t nobody fit to do shit important
People really don�t give no fuck about nothing
Although they may smile and be cordial
Dealin� around with the wrong damn crowd
Then bring a frown to my friend [?] warn you
Background check for the chopper
[?] imposters
The murder rate ain�t back down yet
To the nigga that was tryna say somethin�
Some people, listen, you could be predisposed or be preconditioned
Or speak with the preacher, been preaching be the person
To be some process in your progress or be the prevention
I just live my life and I don�t stop grindin� until God tell me to
I get money, I ain�t gotta sell my soul, ho, who the hell is you?
They say my kind ain�t welcome everywhere, well I can deal with that
But those who pop they shit get the shit popped outta them it's still a fact
So mind your business and stay the fuck outta mine
You�ll shortly find that this is best for everyone involved
All in all [?]

[Hook x2]

Permit, don�t need permission from a doctor
I been smokin� since a pre-teen toddler
I been servin� since a jit tryna dodge all the obstacles
My teachers all told me that were probable
Probable cause, no crack a never really had it
I was just a nigga in a high price whip
Yea, I�m just a nigga with an education brought up in the ghetto
Well you better have extension on the clip
Well beef comes around in the town more often than these bitches in motion
I got a yapper, five dollars, off the streets
Yea I�m told for protection more than anything
Don�t test my devotion
My first amendment right, they violate it anytime we out smokin�
Chicago violence boostin� up but we just focussin� on other environments
[?] more fiends [?]
Apologize cause [?] promotin�
Chopper and my bitch they ain�t kissin� light somebody up
You just tell them [?] who stole it
Rich gunplay, shit that�s all they see that�s all they know
Without it kinda hopeless
Said this is in �09 and still no medicare for grandma
I done said out their names and niggas still ain't wanna [?]
Lu probly tell me Trouble you gotta put the mack down
Feelin� these all in your background
Said this is in �09 and still no medicare for grandma
I done said out their names and niggas still ain't wanna [?]
Lu probly tell me Trouble you gotta put the mack down
Feelin� these all in your background

[Trae tha Truth:]
I used to run up in your crib with shit that go �blaka
Nigga tryna brick my squad like I�m Waka
I don�t want a single chain I can�t rocka
[?] life is a bitch, can�t stop her
Even if I could, I tell �em I wouldn�t knock her
Til the get the 6 and then swap her
Baby mama tax return, new dropper
I might wanna so sip that bitch like I�m [?]
All of my whips [?] bought a house
Food stamp, get flipped, what that water cost?
Yea I�m actin like a nigga that ain�t never had shit
Filet Mignon the house
My little brother on his medical shit from that block street
Nigga health care insured by that guap
More ways than [?] to me [?]
Jackals playin� overseas with they yacht
Shit I probly be the same I find drama
Law�s out lookin� for me like Osama
I don�t wanna do no bid, yo honor
Still waitin� on my one phone call from Obama
Tell �em I need the chopper
They tellin� me i'm a fellon
I beat the case and that�s it
And I wasn�t acquainted with him
But I�m tryna make it to Heaven
But they don�t want me to make it
That�s why the niggas be tellin� me
If I don�t get the chopper I�mma probly run up inside them
They better gimme a answer, I�m tryna be cool
If I don�t get it then everybody gon� fear it
Every week I�m finna make �em repeat it like they in school
Bed blues, everybody open up somethin�
You can move all you want just not southern
It ain�t no thinkin� I was playin� I am not frontin
The mentality of a goon, I am not stuntin

[Hook x2]

Storm is gone now it�s all clear
The road was long but we all here
[?] I don�t care
2014 is our year
Big shout out to the whole streets
This goes out to all that knows me
All y�all pussy niggas, holies
Y�all play tough guys but call the police
Look I don�t care, I don�t share
I keep me a bad bitch around here
I send them choppers around there
When I�m somewhere sittin� in a lounge chair
Overseas, blowin� tree, blowin� green, throwin� B's
Livin� like life is supposed to be
And if you wanna see it all, nigga roll with me
To the top, couldn�t stop, had a major deal but it wouldn�t pop
Nigas hated on me but I wouldn�t stop
And now life sweeter than a puddin� pop
Think so slick, come and get me dog
None of y�all niggas fuckin� with me dog
Some of y�all niggas comin� with me dog
None of y�all niggas' boots fit me dog
You think an echo was y�all
You need to think tactical dog
We laughin� at y�all
While you thinking me and Lu [?]
Seein� this shit that keep goin� on
Then pick a different zone for your mobile homes
Store fingerprints on your mobile phone
When you sippin� that shit we keep blowin� on

[Billy Blue:]
I�m bout that, I�m bout that
That billy out in that driveway
Cost more than my house did
Fuck land, I�m fly today
First class if I fly
Credit card ain�t mine
Don�t know how I�m getitn� back
But in luxury I arrive
IPhone in my baby name
Long way from that chirp
Strip pole in my bedroom
But I�mma kill my daughter if she twerk
I�mma kill my daughter if she twerk
Miley Cyrus is that bullshit
But a rednecker can�t judge
That for Billy Ray to have to deal with
Record deal, fuck college
Missed out but no pyrex
My Harley got low milage
This white carpet in my project
30 guns in my section, none of the homies got [?]
My side bitch and she pregnant
I ain�t claimin� shit but the game
I ain�t claimin� shit but the game
I ain�t claimin� shit but the game
And this one is mine, I don�t trust his mama
So he don�t got my name
Mirrors loose as my [?]
I ain�t addicted to shit
My weed man on my speed dial

[Hook x2]

Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
AR-15 with collapsible stock
Picket [?] with a 3 point [?]
Wish 150 round magazine and a dot
FMJ�s by the box, nigga
Got the same setup as the SWATs, nigga
Shouldn�t find that surprising
Cause I bought the muthafucka from a cop
Ain�t seen a lot of brown money as a shorty
Welfare baby can�t afford me
Healthcare there, I ain�t worried
Healthcare there, I ain�t worried
Excuse me, as I repeat myself
Work twice as hard to complete myself
My opposition is not pretending
When I work twice as hard to defeat myself
Fuck being a hip hop purist
When I'm spendin� 50 thousand on Securus
At least it�s a contradiction, you�ll feel us
RIP to the homies but long live the killas
It�s why I look at God kinda odd
Cause these are the cards that he deal us
[?] can�t feel us, Medicare can�t heal us
And the mamas can�t stop us
And these choppers might kill us
Look these wild niggas in they eyes
In the video it's some niggas that done died
Looked the ghosts in the face and I cried
No Wu-Tang, just Lu gang when I ride
[?] sayin� free the guys like I�m dirty
With a clean record but I�m cursed
To make a half a million off a verse
Nigga, chop

Thursday, October 13, 2016

LUPE FIASCO No Scratches

Lyrics From
LUPE FIASCO No Scratches Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

It�s for the love
Cause we love you so much
Keep it real
I don�t feel, feel love
You don�t feel what I feel so
It all started out

See first they had patience
And the nigga had energy
But not weak, he finna leave
Petal to the metal, you finna speed
You remind me of, [?]
But off in the future, and what it�s finna be
All your memories can become enemies
So let�s intercede I know you in the seat
But let�s get outta that

[Hook 1 - Nikki Jean Lupe Fiasco:]
But then that patience turned to waiting
And then that waitin� turned to wasting my time, my time, my time
And then that wasting turned to hating
And then that hating got to racing
All around my mind, my mind, my mind

[Hook 2 - Nikki Jean Lupe Fiasco:]
So before we hit a wall, heartbreak and it crashes
Just walk away no scratches

(See first they had patience)

But niggas start sick, niggas start gettin� ill
Niggas got cold feet, niggas start gettin� chills
Niggas start stayin� home cause niggas start gettin� bills
Buildin� up an immunity
Niggas stopped getting� hurt
Niggas relied on faith
Hopin� niggas get healed is hopeless nigga, get real
But ah, get back on the pill
We in it for the feel
But even winners can [?] patience

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2 x2]

(First we had patience)

Mini-Bar raided, in the indy car faded
500 miles, it�s pretty far ain�t it?
But it�s a pretty car, ain�t it?
Pretty hard painted
But pretty darn dangerous
But we ain�t get the memo, hangin� out the window
They don�t care no more
Tryna take his mini to a limo
Without a helmet then you can Thelma-it
Louis, Louise but we on the same thing
So I be James Dean
So your wreck and my wreck look like the same scene

[Hook 2]

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LUPE FIASCO Little Death

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LUPE FIASCO Little Death Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

Now bring it out
Like a finger in the back of your mouth
Cherubs and cerebellum, Tara at Sarah's wedding
Sam marrying Sam
Band pushed upon the finger of Sam's hairiest hand
If that sickens you, you a bigot
If it doesn't well you're wicked
Such is life
Odd as Egg McMuffins at night
No answers, so let us watch these dancers
Structure reformed gracefully being born
On the pallet of dark greys, concaves and spirals
Kaleidoscope into a Eiffel
It ripples then it tidals
Vacillates then it virals
Babylons then it Bibles and others
And tell me of the spinning mothers
And today's mathematics for beloved
And beasts' bellies covered like the cummerbunds of butlers...

[Nikki Jean:]
How was your day, can I make what you say
What I wanna hear, cause I want you here
The hell that we raised to the heavens do anything for
La petite mort, la petite mort

They keep the bottles just to make glass houses
Then climb up to the second floors and throw rocks out it
Then expect not a volley in reply
Some place vulnerable like prolly in the eye
What of the chicken? what is it missin', is it dry?
Did it die in some inhumane conditions so it didn't go relaxed
And attention from its demise pulled all of the flavour from the fat
And made it flat and rather lifeless
Well there's a place that has a stunning [?]
And more mercifully murdered Pisces
But barbaric are still the prices
It's rather niceless, apricot in dices and fromage slices
My son will call risotto rices
If and when he's left to his own devices, well
How is your memory?
Is it returning like a lemon tree
To bear bitter fruit of what you meant to me
Or was it slippin' like permission am I trippin' like Phil
I feel I'm grippin' but maybe the transition
Still left out the life, also left out the will, grief
Will cheese never touch your teeth
Maybe like kosher beef
Is it real, is it real, is it real
Ha, hah!

[Nikki Jean:]
How at the date can I make you my break
Cause I want you dear, ooh, I want you dear
The hell that we raised to the heavens make [?] for
Our petite mort, our petite mort

So glad you're back, but not glad at that you're [?]
Where is the glamour in collapse?
Where in the shatter of the facts shoves one back to a pattern of stab wounds
Swoon ridden goons consumed and driven mad soon
The attended years slowly fills with baboons
That other monkey business
Where killers go free cause a junkie's a funky witness
Runny mascaras from the cunning mask wearers of death
Bygone errors, sittin' like two oil derricks
Separated by a sea of cooling num nums
Reminiscing of an every day playing hum drum
Where recognition went unnoticed
And then solidified till it was stoic
We should've been poets
Somewhere between amateurs and grandmasters of iambic pentameter

[Nikki Jean:]
How are your chains, do they make you behave
Keep you over here, by your overseer
Fallen from grace down from heaven to memories [?]
La petite mort, la petite mort

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Body Of Work Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Pre-Hook: Troi]
Closet full of bones
Just don't try to put'em back together
(Try to put'em back together)
And I'll just bite my tongue
So wear it like a scarlet letter
(Wear it like a scarlet letter)

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
(I've always loved you)
Quiet in the court for the courtship
Marriage of the dork and the gorgeous
Took her from the king of the corpses
He revolve jumped off the wall of the fort with the horses
This is foretold, Bojangles was tapping in morse code
At least to the mad man genius, tap top secrets and more gold
(All of you)
From the guts of the mother, can push or move her undercover
With a $3,000 son she just want a lover
And somebody else to come and try and drug her
Take her off the grill, she done
Pills celebrating, we won
In the system of the women, never knew he had it in him
This condition when the world that they make him become
Cocaine and new high tech way smuggle whole things
(I've always loved you)
From the control range that make radio heads with gold brains
(All of you)
Depart 84' Jags on gold chains
Developing niggas from a whole name
God is great, but it's snakes on my soul plane

[Pre-Hook: Troi]
Closet full of bones
Just don't try to put'em back together
(Try to put'em back together)
And I'll just bite my tongue
So wear it like a scarlet letter
(Wear it like a scarlet letter)

[Hook: Troi]
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin), that's just my anatomy
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin)

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
(Tell me what to do)
Limo to the limit, fill it till the brim get in it
You can't get it, if you gotta ask
(Make me pretty)
In that case I want two masks
Bottom class, dollar cast
Poppin' tags, droppin' trash in shopping bags
Till Akeem take our pocket cash
(Am I beautiful?)
Write it in lights, molly in the body of Christ
Drop me to the lobby from heights
Then over the threshold to redeem the doorway
Fourteen broads like the king of Norway
Fourteen broads having dreams of foreplay
Fourteen arm Shiva (viva la coup!)
If the government get it I'm a fool

[Pre-Hook: Troi]
Closet full of bones
Just don't try to put'em back together
(Try to put'em back together)
And I'll just bite my tongue
So wear it like a scarlet letter
(Wear it like a scarlet letter)

[Hook: Troi]
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin), that's just my anatomy
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin)

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Sanskrit dance on the page of the dead book
Don't leave the restroom with the left foot
Flags of Tibet, to bet, to bed, to death, flesh
Release the leash on a fast car
Feed on the keys, fall asleep in a Jaguar
The tip of thy sword is white
Am I night, am I black, am I light?
Have I been this?
Realize my begin when I find where my end this
Oedipus wrecks, motherfucker this better than sex
Material potion the love of my martyr
Currency soaked in the blood of my father
(Will you cry for me?)
Sky burial, let the wind carry you, farther
Than I could
(live forever)
An anatomy, not of me, knotting me to it, nodding me to it
Eyes of the I and others, watching me do it
Adapt in each rubric
Kubrick in plot and tone
Lots of bones, scolds to the top of tone
Skim through it is just skin to it
You're so thin you see the sins through it

[Pre-Hook: Troi]
Closet full of bones
Just don't try to put'em back together
(Try to put'em back together)
And I'll just bite my tongue
So wear it like a scarlet letter
(Wear it like a scarlet letter)

[Hook: Troi]
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin), that's just my anatomy
Anatomy (skin), will be the death of me
Anatomy (skin)

Monday, October 10, 2016

LUPE FIASCO Prisoner 1 And 2

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LUPE FIASCO Prisoner 1 And 2 Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[ Prisoner 1 ]

Pre-paid collect call from [?], an inmate at [?] correctional center
This call is subject to recording and monitoring
To accept charges, press 1
To refuse charges, press 2
If you would like to permanently block your number from receiving calls from this facility, press 6
For balance and rate quotes, press 7
[*button press*]
Thank you for using Securus. You may start the conversation now

[Fela Kuti:]
King... We are kings of African music, we are kings. Because the king of all professions

N.U. music

Mislaid plan make a mess made
Damnation, let's play hands and spades
That's without, a boycott and a sit-out
Afro-Black pick in with a fist out
From the welcome home to the kick out
Reach into a rabbit, pull a trick out
Preacher preaching to a faggot with his dick out
Hard times call for armed time
Sick, sick, sick eyes from the nose pressure
Police snip, zip ties on the protesters
Six wives in the fry of a molester
Met him at a caviar bar out in Odessa
Dirty needles breaking all the old records
A hundred hoes, one shovel and some old treasure
Ole Zeke use teeth as a gold tester
Finger rolls, finger waves, closet full of old leathers
Old sweaters, old boots, that's a whole suit for some cold weather
New sale, two L's and some old letters
Now he doing double life, while she lead a double life
Man, he need another wife
New approach might help a nigga bowl better
New hoes might help a nigga hold together
Or will the new lane lead em' to the same pen
And the hunger strike in em' to the same tin

Love is looking over various errors
And hate is habitually accelerating terror
Everywhere but the mural
I just wanna be collected when I call God damn
I don't wanna be accepted not as all as I am
Visitor, visitor, prisoner, prisoner, land

Getting slammed from the protest, no food
Force fed him like OB with a nose tube
Visions say consult the yogi with the gold shoes
With the Rollie going bowling for the old school
I need more for the Michaels
That's a loss for the class, and a score for the rifles
Three hots and a cot, and some cops
Trying to find dinosaurs in the Bible
It's all quiet in the jail-house
Then they ride in to find the empty cells out
They was looking for the swords, they was looking for the swords
I'm just looking at they feet, cause I'm looking for the lord
Looking in the library, looking at the law
10 years deep, now I'm looking at the bar
Claim sovereignty, because I'm bunkin' with the moors
They degenerate, they ain't looking at the game
They just looking at the scores, they be putting on my books
Cause I'm looking at the stars, trade a shank for some crank
Now I'm looking at a war, BGF got the yard
AB got the kitchen, snitches on PC
MM on a mission, but CO's got the prison
God got us all, God set us free
God is the key, but the guards got the doors


Punching on the glass
Scared that some killer might fuck him in the ass
Staff getting rigid, wasn't gonna take away the visits
Segregate niggas by theyself and make 'em stay with it
Wicked, swung the shank around on a mop string
They had to pull him out the cell with a SWAT Team
That's a cop team, they sent hella cops, to stop, the helicoptering
Man, he thought that he'd fly away, like a kite, take flight
Like a letter on a string, like propellers on a wing
But the kite was the key
They made electric chairs for his dying days
Last meals, no appeals for him to try and stay
On Death Row like Suge and the late Pac
Maybe he could dig a tunnel out of A Block
And wear gloves for the razor-wired gate top
Scared thugs going crazy in a caged box
Looking at the world through the TV
And they gone, rapping over beats from the tabletops
Ay! That's how it is in a police state
When your life is just a number and release date
When you're rehabilitated so correctly
And let's hope that's how you're living when you're set free


[ Prisoner 2 ]

To accept charges, press 1
To refuse charges, press 2
If you would like to permanently block your number from receiving calls from this facility, press 6
For balance and rate quotes, press 7
[*button press*]
Thank you for using Securus. You may start the conversation now

[Ayesha Jaco:]
The orange wings of the new Jim Crow are dyed Klansman sheets and court papers, Dreadlocks nooses hang from his neck as the new Jim Crow Corporations feed him seeds, yet unborn
He�ll be captured by Mya, in a ruby-encrusted cage
I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and answers that I leave in empty pages to be written. Where is your pen? The new Jim Crow

They sell they souls
They sell their selves
They ain't twelve, they old
Niggas old as hell
Old as jail, old as cells
Sold so much salt, ain't no more salt on the shelves
You a prisoner too, you living here too
You just like us, til' your shift get through
You could look like us, you know shit get through
You should be in cuffs like us, you should get strike 2
You should get like life, you should get like woo!
You should get that twice! You should get refused
The open road, that's no parole, and no control
Over your own soul, so control, your own remote control, that your folks can hold

[Hook x2:]
You better watch these niggas (un garde)
If it was up to me, I would never unlock these niggas
Wouldn't rehabilitate, man, I would just box these niggas and throw away the key,
I'd throw away the key like the coast guard watching me
(I'd throw away the keys) [x3]

Better watch these niggas (un guarde)

5th year with the DOC
You can see what's CO see
Robocop opt his COP
3 hots and a C-O-T
Lived in a small town, his whole life
Never left, soundin' like the hole, right?
Either working at the prison, or it's no lights
In the system working with the po-lice
In the prison stripping niggas phone rights
Got a malice, on the other side of the bars
Watching niggas get smart, watching niggas get strong
Watching niggas get home, he jail us
But deep down he jealous
With each sweep down, he tell us
With each beat down, he help us
Wrong one gon' knock his ass out though
It's why he gotta lock all the niggas out for
Warden told the boy he better calm down
Step back from the brink and put the bomb down
But how the whole world in your palm sound?
It's why they treat niggas like shit
Writing raps to the taps, keep the face mask on 'em these niggas might spit!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

LUPE FIASCO Dots And Lines

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LUPE FIASCO Dots And Lines Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Hook x2:]
You look just like how I'ma be
Sacred geometry
In a line, in a line, in a line, in a line, in a line
Three angels in kind, on time, go straight, don't sign

With a platinum plaque
She like Robin, George, and Jack
The mind fears what the blinds hide
But I'm here on the blind side
Hanging up till the line dies
Then off the hook for the crimes try
Get awful looks from tribe tribe unlawful jux we can climb skies
That's Robin Hood, arrows of the rich'll steal
In Hollywood and featherweight I step by step let it escalate
Till you get it, we'll tell you if I hit it
When you make pie if you don't fidget
Xzibit Pimp My Ride exquisite
We G's coach us back if we die in business
My Lord is my chemist, my sword is some Khemet
Egyptian fonts and ankhs
Scottish write with Montblancs let us stomp
I walk as my father walk, master builder is what I thought

[Hook x2]

Where the golden means, so the overseer gets overseen
And the over here's are the older things
Can see the bell but don't know the rings
The rings are not sounds, but circles
Wear these on your virtues
See through these circles just live Steve Urkel
Till it's all universal
And it harmonize and like the Porsche into the larger size
And it's dynamic in the high standard
So each degree has a part to price
See big worlds have little worlds that feed on their velocity
And little world have lesser worlds and so on to viscosity

[Hook x2]

The applause and patience of the laws in nature
Override lies and the laws of nations
Pilgrims bear witness at all the stations
Sun positions overcome traditions
Numbers govern our young religions
Dead levels making plum decisions
Perpendicular to the undivision
That's bad curricular to the unconditioned
Any love less than unconditional is so under Christian it's unrepentant
The physical part of my church emits the invisible arts of my work
To make gold from garbage is not the unchemical part of this map
But truth me told it's the pursuit of gold
That turns the goal of men into trash
The souls gold and they turning gold into cash
And your reflection is your connection to more collections of more directions and paths
If your reflection is a mask, then you're reflective of mass
To see yourself just look at me then split your reflection in half

[Hook x2]

Saturday, October 8, 2016


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LUPE FIASCO Blur My Hands Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO

[Guy Sebastian:]
From the floating death, to the fire of death
To a flower outside my grave and oh man
Were you just being polite with your hands?

Take time to learn me like court appointed attorneys
Restore the order, we either join or adjourning
Less you join I'm up performing the journey
In all earnest, I go so Bernie
Takes another nigga to turn me
Get it straight, I ain't late on states
I'm just sternly stating
How what I do, with grace takes another nigga to turn mean
My return means like blockbuster with a tick
And I ain't kind but I don't hit
So you starting at the end, that's the part where you begin
I skip the bullshit so we can start it where we win
Yeah, spoiler alert
I can hear you all saying boy you're a jerk
But it's cool though, know we gotta rule yo
Get in, then we win and do it all again, ho

[Hook - Guy Sebastian:]
From the floating death, to the fire of death
To a flower outside of my grave and oh man
Were you just being polite with your hands?
And it really means I'm number one, and you're a fan
Well that's cool, cause I think you're number one too
Yeah that's cool, cause I think you're number one too
Yeah that's cool, cause I think you're number one

Now me and words, we made a deal, that I'm gon' keep 'em real
And they show me their secrets, I can even cop a feel
Victorious, can't match wit, with warriors
I match wig with wits, similarly can't mix matchsticks with forests'
Only you can prevent what I do
Only due can prevent what's my view
I match matchsticks with wicks
Wicker man, take a sip of liquor and
Spit the lip off warriors
And spit flames, nigga get in the gang ahh


It's road rage, without a roll cage
Takes courage to run on these roadways
I know you like no way , but I'm a full race
All so every soccer Terry Fox moulding, go ahead
Don't stop, go ahead
Sitting in your car, just listening to the bars
And there's traffic all around and you feel like falling down
And the music that I'm spewing out, enough to calm him down
'Fore you know you watch your car with your briefcase walkin' round
And them dollars from the budget that went to S1 Production
And Sebastian on the hook, like being dug by Michael Douglas
So don't start that walk through Echo Park
My life's a one-on-one and you caught up in the jam
Just show some love back to your number one fan


Friday, October 7, 2016


Lyrics From
LUPE FIASCO Mural Lyrics, singer by LUPE FIASCO
We're all chemicals, vitamins and minerals
Vicodin with inner tubes, wrapped around the arm
To see the vein like a chicken on the barn
Top Cat chat, let's begin another yarn
That's flying saucer cheese, or is it chicken parm'
But roosters don't fly like boosters don't buy
So what powers cowards to get them to the top
Just to fall asleep listening to Bach?
The ribbon in the sky is the ribbon that I drop
Dribbling the eye across the prism of a clock
That lacks meaning, but racks up stacks of fat reading
They catch chief and wrapped up plants from trap dealings

Now what's a coffin with a scratched ceiling?
And what's the talking without the match feeling?
As buried living and cherry picking
Every linen from your berry system
Then proceed with the pack feeding
When I was young I had visions of another world
Sneaking looks at the porn stash of my brother HuRl
Incense smoke made vortices and other curls
Casting calls from porn films and ad space for rubber girls
I like my pancakes cut in swirls
Morrocan moles and undercover squirrels
I like cartoons, southern cities with large moons
Faith healers, ex-female drug dealers and art booms
Apologise for my weird mix
What taste like hot dogs and tear drips
And looks like pantomime and clear bricks
And smells like shotguns and deer piss
They on their hunt, kinda salty that I'm going hard
First part of a party, that I throw in parts
One minute you playing pool, next minute you throwing darts
But that's how you do with a party that you throw in bars
I run the Gambit like I'm throwing cards
From popular mechanics to overdosing hearts
Paint cold pictures like Nova Scotia landscapes
Nerd game make Mandelbrot sets when we handshake
A word game back up plan that can dam lakes
Backup the word play playin' at the man's states
Mean I can still be the man if the dam breaks
And when the man brakes I'm reflectious, what they can't face
My peers will still treat the mirror like it's a fan base
The unfettered veteran, the eagle feathered man of medicine
That hovers above cities like weather men
And maybe weather woman
Whatever better to tell ya weather comin'
I prefer girls to reign all over the world

Lyrics and Music Video Sites

And not rain like, rain man or rain like rain dance
Or rain like a slight chance of rain when it's raining
Or rein like deer slaves to Santa Claus sleigh man
But reign like Queens that reign over made man
And not Queen like Queen killer, rhapsody bohemian Queen
But Queen like white glove wave hand
And not wave hand like it's a heat wave
So you make a fan by waving your hand
I'm talking wave like you saying hey
Man, and not hay for horses and hoarse like you almost voiceless
You gotta treat your vocal chords like it's a fortress
And treat every single one of your words like reinforcements
And especially when you're recording
Cause that's the portion that's important
When I was reporting that I was poor
But now I'm more than
It's still hooker heels on my sugar hills and sweet spots
Crying shames, make margarita rims from cheap tops
Deep plots in floor, the ceiling windows for my peep pots
A little scene with the sickle swings to make the wheat drop
And a hundred words for them hummingbirds that like to eavesdrop
And fan out like peacocks with a parakeet that beat box
So the sun rise when the beat drops
And the sun dies when the beat stops...
Then it unties, then it relocks
Then it relapsed, then it detox
Then heat back like a heat pack
On his knee caps of the weak spot
Cause he want what we got, like yeah

Then forge poetry like a young honory Morrissey
Then spit it to the golden locks thots
Who like their porridge all watery
Not scorching nor sorbity
From the steel orbitings, sorcerer, sorcery
Coming down gorgeously, just like a Stacey Dash waterfall
A more torturing, a water boarding Barbie doll
A river of women like a Brazilian Carnival
Swimming in feminine bikinis made out of barbasol
Somebody give them the volleyballs
If you love her, don't ever send her to Mally Mall's
Homie if she lonely she might end up in Macauly's claws
Coming out the closet over goblets down at Madri Gras
The fame, champagne, walk of shame lobby call
My reposition was black condition of activism
Ammunition for abolition, missions attacking systems
But they not after listens, unless it's dropping on Activision
Are we apps or are we bodies filled with apparitions
Operating applications, stuck inside a Apple prison
Chicken hack and download updates that lack religion

Or are we more... than soil tainting, disloyal changelings
Preoccupied with boy and Goyle chasing
And foiling other's royal saintings?
I sit back and watch the world through the eye holes in my oil paintings
Ain't nothin' to it but to do it
Unless you Virgin Mary, nothin' do it but the truest
Believe all that unless you Jewish
Life is not a dictionary, it's a thesaurus
And I feel like a missionary to a clitoris
The water bearer heir of traditions that I swear to never change
My chair position or conditions of my porridge
Submission for sedition against the religion of a chorus
Keep them golden weave thieves out the motherfuckin' forest

As I perform a nerve storm
I prefer my pictures in word form
Bury the hatchet like how a bird born
As I paint cold pictures like Kool-Aid facing condensation
Having conversations with flavourful combinations
Slave to my concentration
So that's OJ The Juiceman meets OJ with two hands
And two gloves, that's too snug
To judge who was, who drew blood

And, Lupe look at all these toucans
In a cemetery full of tomahawkes
Giving middle fingers to the pigeons doing somersaults
Road runners don't fall off cliffs, they run across
Anomalies by the colonies flukes by the reservoir
Wildin' pursuers end up as poofs on the desert floor
Levitating youth so know the truth of where the fountain hides
Bucaraa Roof painting tunnels onto the mountain sides
A thousands parts a pound of heart an ounce of eyes
Announcing now the doubt in mouth pronounces a count of lies
Chocula Counts by the counts of 5, refrigerator roof full of animals and monsters
Incinerated shoes and the manual for contra
Assorted memories from my childhood
Absorbing energy from the wild woods
Electronic combat Konami sign contract
Chinese char killing cucarachas on contact
Chicago spread an aficionado
Efficient spitting bridging divisions is in Chicano
Who�s the Boss? If isn't Alyssa Milano
Dudikoff, ninja mission into the Congo
Polarize envy of the older guys
Black obi, shinobi hittin' Kenno in the face with all my throwin' knives
Sub-zero guiding, hiding, riding in the pack as well
Sound village, Leaf village, wolf spirit, magic spells
Dodging rain and catching hail
Faces need samurais to catch the L
Special research vessels made for catching whales
Fillet-a-fish ships sea-shepherded peppered with extra sails
Rewrite history, liberty needs a better bell
Maybe hotter irons and carbon fibres that never fail
Smarter science mixed with a odd alliance of fairytale
Or maybe just a metal pail that you hit with a steel tools
To announce that you've had enough and dropping out of SEAL school
Just like trout jumping out they house to let they gills cool
Cuba-scuba couldn't take the temperature of my skill pool
I said it feels cool to kill fools
Slipping through the cracks like when you trying to grill gruel
Take no Viking water bottle and not following pill rules
Will have you off of the throttle when you should be modelin' chill mood
Roller skater maker or are you just cobblin' wheel shoes
Overweight taster of kings food that kills crews
Oblivious feather-weight baker who autographed cakes whenever his quill moves over your meal you
Simple as a Buddhist monk in a temple standing in some heel groove with the abbot, practising stillness
Real still till he realizes his realness
Defeat Samsara achieves nirvana and brilliance

FALL OUT BOY Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

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FALL OUT BOY Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Lyrics, singer by FALL OUT BOY

These are your good years
Don't take my advice
You never wanted the nice boys anyway
And I'm of good cheer
'Cause I've been checking my list
The gifts you're receiving from me
Will be

One awkward silence
And two hopes you cry yourself to sleep
Staying up, waiting by the phone
And all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me
Before you bury yourself alive

Don't come home for Christmas
You're the last thing I wanna see
Underneath the tree
Merry Christmas, I could care less

Happy New Years, baby
You owe me
The best gift I will ever ask for
Don't call me up, when the snow comes down
Its the only thing I want this year

One awkward silence
And two hopes you cry yourself to sleep
Staying up, waiting by the phone
And all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me
Before you bury yourself alive

Don't come home for Christmas
You're the last thing I wanna see
Underneath the tree
Merry Christmas, I could care less

Don't come home for Christmas
You're the last thing I wanna see
Underneath the tree (Don't come home for Christmas)
Merry Christmas, I could care less

Don't come home for Christmas
You're the last thing I wanna see
Underneath the tree (Don't come home for Christmas)
Merry Christmas, I could care less

[Patrick, in a lisp:]
Sweet! They've recorded a Christmas song!
They must've spent a lot of money on this...
But this one time, this one Christmas I got this-
[beeps Deck the Halls]

FALL OUT BOY What's This?

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FALL OUT BOY What's This? Lyrics, singer by FALL OUT BOY

What's this? What's this?
There's color everywhere
What's this?
There's white things in the air
What's this?
I can't believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack, this isn't fair
What's this?

What's this? What's this?
There's something very wrong
What's this?
There's people singing songs

What's this?
The streets are lined with
Little creatures laughing
Everybody seems so happy
Have I possibly gone daffy?
What is this?
What's this?

There's children throwing snowballs
instead of throwing heads
They're busy building toys
And absolutely no one's dead

There's frost on every window
Oh, I can't believe my eyes
And in my bones I feel the warmth
That's coming from inside

Oh, look
What's this?
They're hanging mistletoe, they kiss
Why that looks so unique, inspired
They're gathering around to hear a story
Roasting chestnuts on a fire
What's this?

What's this?
In here they've got a little tree, how queer
And who would ever think
And why?

They're covering it with tiny little things
They've got electric lights on strings
And there's a smile on everyone
So, now, correct me if I'm wrong
This looks like fun
This looks like fun
Oh, could it be I got my wish?
What's this?

Oh my, what now?
The children are asleep
But look, there's nothing underneath
No ghouls, no witches here to scream and scare them
Or ensnare them, only little cozy things
Secure them in their dreamland...

What's this?

The monsters are all missing
And the nightmares can't be found
And in their place there seems to be
Good feeling all around

Instead of screams, I swear
I can hear music in the air
The smell of cakes and pies
are absolutely everywhere

The sights, the sounds
They're everywhere and all around
I've never felt this good before
This empty place inside of me has been filling up
I simply cannot get enough

I want it, oh, I want it
Oh, I want it for my own
I've got to know
I've got to know
What is this place that I have found?
What is this?

FALL OUT BOY We Don't Take Hits, We Write Them

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FALL OUT BOY We Don't Take Hits, We Write Them Lyrics, singer by FALL OUT BOY

And you lock the house to keep your secret from coming out
I wont, No. I'm sorry because you're old news

And my life is holding our heads to this gun
You and your new boy think you can come in and keep me off, but you're wrong

I find myself on the street out in front of your house, you can kiss safe thoughts goodbye.
I'm coming up to break your heart.
You're sleeping with the light on like you're dying to be found out.

And you lock the house to keep your secret from coming out
I wont, No. I'm sorry because you're old news

And my life is holding our heads to this gun
You and your new boy think you can come in and keep me off, but you're wrong

I find myself on the street out in front of your house, you can kiss safe thoughts goodbye.
I'm coming up to break your heart.
You're sleeping with the light on like you're dying to be found out.

I find myself on the street out in front of your house, you can kiss safe thoughts goodbye.
I'm coming up to break your heart.
You're sleeping with the light on like you're dying to be found out.

(And you lock the house)
And you lock the house
And you lock the house
And you lock the house